Outraged African countries seek Trump's apology

Dimanche, 14 Jan, 2018

Donald Trump is unfit to be president. The group also said it was "concerned at the continuing and growing trend from the US administration towards Africa and people of African descent to denigrate the continent and people of color".

"Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people", spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement issued after The Washington Post reported Trump's comments.

Trump's alleged statement also prompted outrage from the African Union (AU), the organization that includes all the 54 African UN states plus Western Sahara, which is not recognized by the UN.

President George W. Bush received a physical every year during his time in office, ABC wrote, while President Barack Obama had four examinations over his eight years in the White House.

"When you're doing that well and you have that many accomplishments, don't you want people to be talking about your accomplishments?"

The exam came as Democrats and members of the media openly question Trump's mental fitness for office.

When asked about the comments directly, President Trump had no comment.

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What do you think of the latest claims against Trump?

A summary from Bornstein said the then candidate's cardiac, thyroid and other test results were normal for someone of his age.

"My hope is that it will inspire individuals to say I'm going to live my life to prove them wrong, that statement wrong, the misconceptions wrong, or the labels wrong", Jacques said.

Around 10:15 a.m., Trump returned Durbin's call and was told about the main elements of the deal.

The AU representative said they were alarmed by Trump's "very racist" comments.

"Those comments are, frankly, disgusting", Lemon continued. The White House itself does not deny it. The news anchor also addressed Trump supporters.

In other words, we feel there is misinformation as to who we are as a community.

Maybe. He's definitely putting something first, but it's not the America described in the Declaration of Independence (where "all men are created equal') or the Pledge of Allegiance ("one nation, under God, indivisible") or on the base of the Statue of Liberty ("Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free")".