Hillary Clinton Is Done Trying to Be "Likeable" After the 2016 Election

Dimanche, 17 Sep, 2017

And yet here comes the parade of people prepared to tell her that her voice-the one for whom all this has mattered the most-should go for a literal hike in the woods of Chappaqua and keep her feelings to herself.

Why are people so angry with Clinton for having the chutzpah to tell her story? Clinton pronounced that the day Comey sent a letter to Congress expressing the reopening part of his consideration into Clinton's email was the day she lost the elections.

"I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say, 'You didn't vote?" According to Nate Cohn of the New York Times, "almost one in four of President Obama's 2012 white working-class supporters defected from the Democrats in 2016, either supporting Mr. Trump or voting for a third-party candidate".

And the results themselves were pesky things. In Clinton's opinion, it harder for a woman to be elected? "There is no denying that the Russians interfered in the election, whether or not they had willing or unwitting help from the Trump team". I believe that was a false narrative, just like about the video.

Forgetting the blames and accusations, Clinton can be adjudged as a good fighter. Clinton carried the women's vote but not by nearly as much as expected. Or when Bernie Sanders, who now suggests "it's a little bit silly" to talk about the election, published his own diagnosis a week after the election.

How could you not vote?

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Another reason these Obama voters defected to Trump is that they kept hearing from Clinton and the Democrats how great the economy was doing. I knew there was no new information. Lauer followed up: "Has it led you more in the direction of collusion?"

"When we first received the results of the election, we felt as though we had hit a brick wall, full force", The New Yorker's art editor, Françoise Mouly, wrote to describe the cover. I'm going to be supporting candidates. Never in my lifetime has there been more misogyny on display than during the 2016 election. Trump's message, she said, was "discriminatory, it was bigoted, it was prejudiced". The average rating was 4.9 out of a possible 5.

She also spoke about how sexism may have played a factor in her stunning loss last November.

In Hillary Clinton's new book, aptly titled What Happened, she digs into the question, even if she doesn't offer any comforting explanations. Clinton deserves her chance to work through that question, too-publicly if she chooses.

Local media reports "hundreds" of fans camped outside Barnes & Noble's Union Square branch for a chance to meet the the 69-year-old former presidential hopeful and buy her campaign confessional.