Second construction crane collapses in Florida as Hurricane Irma rages on

Mercredi, 13 Sep, 2017

Some 50,000 people have gone to shelters throughout the state, the governor said.

Boats are seen at a marina in Coconut Grove as Hurricane Irma arrives at south Florida.

However, near Tallahassee, more people were getting on the roads.

"It is not expected that the St. Lucie nuclear power plant will be shut down as result of Irma, though we will closely monitor the changing weather conditions", the utility said. And, of course, the damage to homes could be incredibly costly.

The president also issued a disaster declaration for Puerto Rico Sunday and expanded federal funds available for the U.S. Virgin Islands for hurricane recovery efforts.

"So look out for your neighbors, take care of each other", he said.

Footage posted to Instagram shows the massive volume of water which has engulfed the downtown region, with eyewitnesses describing boats being ripped from their moorings and islands of debris forming in the flooding. No injuries were reported.

At least four deaths were reported in Florida in relation to the hurricane, who of which involved corrections officers driving through the storm in Hardee County.

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"It was so heavy that you really couldn't see much further than your hand", Fisher said.

While a second Reddit user suggested a specific address saying, "Found it, should be this house: 432 NE 27th St Miami, Florida". In Palm Bay, 175 miles to the north, a tornado destroyed six mobile homes.

After striking the Keys, the centre of the hurricane, known as the eye, made its way up the southwestern coast of Florida.

After millions of residents have already evacuated and as hundreds of thousands remain without power, the Irma superstorm hit the Florida Keys Sunday morning. She grows citrus fruits and raises cattle on the farm, which has been in her family for generations, she said.

Irma's course change caught many off guard and triggered a major round of last-minute evacuations in the Tampa area.

It will produce rapid water rises as the storm surge hits the coastline and onshore winds on the northern portion of the East Coast Of Florida will pile up some areas of high water on the West Coast of FL.

One official had warned staying on the islands would be "almost like suicide". Now, the storm is moving towards Florida and is likely to hit anytime soon where severe damage is expected.

The storm at points had been a Category 5 with winds of up to 185 miles per hour as it ripped through the Caribbean.