Daily life in North Korea

Dimanche, 13 Aoû, 2017

It's this: North Korea and the United States have been successfully practicing mutually assured destruction against each other for more than half a century.

Editorial warns that China would seek to stop US and South Korea from any effort at regime change in Pyongyang.

"The relevant side must at present exercise restraint, and avoid words and actions that exacerbate tensions on the Korean peninsula", the report paraphrased Xi as saying.

Trump also warned North Korea it should be "very, very nervous" of the consequences if it even thinks of attacking US soil, after Pyongyang said it was readying plans to launch missiles towards the Pacific territory of Guam.

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South Korea has nearly 19,000 bomb shelters throughout the country but not many are aware of them despite growing North Korean threats. "Listen to the news".

President Donald Trump called the governor of Guam on Friday to reassure him of the island's safety as nuclear tensions grow between the United States and North Korea. He said he would like to see a nuclear-free world, but until all countries, including Russia, China and Pakistan get rid of their nuclear weapons, he pledged the U.S. would remain "the most powerful nuclear nation on earth by far".

When asked today whether his bombastic comments were undermining attempts to reach a solution, Mr Trump said: "My critics are only saying that because it's me". As a precaution, Japan deployed missile defense batteries under the path a North Korean missile might take.

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S. Korea's military vows retaliation if N. Korea attacks
If they do nothing, and allow the North Korean missiles to fly unharmed, it's unclear how Pyongyang would interpret it. Most recently, Japan tested two of the latest versions, the SM-3 IIA, against missile targets in space.

Pyongyang va développer un plan de tir sur Guam d'ici mi-août
Guam était notamment le point de départ des bombardiers B-52 chargés d'attaquer Hanoï pendant la guerre du Vietnam (1955-1975). Des voix s'élèvent régulièrement pour demander un référendum d'autodétermination, rejeté par la justice fédérale américaine.

China's state-run Global Times newspaper wrote that Beijing should stay neutral if North Korea launches an attack that threatens the US.

U.S. officials say they will be going ahead with long-scheduled military exercises with South Korea.

"Guam is the largest island between Hawaii and the Philippines and it has a natural deep seawater port", says Robert Underwood, former Guam delegate to the U.S. Congress and current president at the University of Guam.

Washington wants to stop Pyongyang from developing nuclear missiles that could hit the US. If that wasn't possible, people should lie on the ground and cover their heads, it said.

Guam is home to a US air base, a Navy installation, a Coast Guard group and roughly 6,000 U.S. military personnel.

Tuesday: "North Korea, best not make any more threats to the United States", Mr Trump tells reporters.

Trump clarified that statement Friday afternoon during his working vacation in New Jersey. "Invoking Article 5 is ultimately a political decision", the NATO official added.