S. Korea's military vows retaliation if N. Korea attacks

Samedi, 12 Aoû, 2017

One is if they continue trying to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile "with a nuclear weapon on top" that is capable of striking America, the South Carolina Republican told CBS News Wednesday.

"Our office will be notified from the military and will utilize all forms of mass communication to get the message out to the public", Gaminde said.

Japan will reportedly discuss the issue with the U.S. during a meeting of foreign and defense ministers of the two nations set for next week. It's this: North Korea and the United States have been successfully practicing mutually assured destruction against each other for more than half a century. If they do nothing, and allow the North Korean missiles to fly unharmed, it's unclear how Pyongyang would interpret it. Many South Koreans are indeed unconcerned about provocations from the North, believing there could be a full-scale war on the peninsula.

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Most recently, Japan tested two of the latest versions, the SM-3 IIA, against missile targets in space. Josh Tyquiengco, marketing director at the Visitors Bureau, said the newfound attention on Guam was a chance to educate people about the small island. "As a result, asking to do that for the first time, if it does, great", he said. This part of the missile's trajectory is called "midcourse", and it is the most difficult time for an interception, because a fast-moving warhead can also release decoy balloons that are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Guam, a tropical island more than 3,000 km (2,000 miles) to the southeast of North Korea, is home to about 163,000 people.

"What we have seen for over a decade, is the North Koreans making a dedicated effort to build smaller warheads that can fit on longer-range missiles, and testing the systems to make that possible", says Jon Wolfsthal a former advisor to President Barack Obama who is now works with Global Zero, a group that seeks the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide.

"Asked if the United States was ready if North Korea took a hostile act, he said: "We are ready".

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Former President Clinton squats as he examines the names of World War II war dead on a wall at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park on the island of Guam in 1998. The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or Thaad, several of which are now stationed in South Korea, could use its radar to track the launches of the North Korean missiles.

Earlier this year , the White House proposed an additional $54 billion in military spending, which would represent a nearly 10 percent increase overall for defense to $603 billion.

The military said it's maintaining a state of stern readiness to counter any North Korean threats.

August 8: North Korea says it is reviewing plans to attack the US island of Guam. Here's a look at the U.S. military's role on the island, which became a U.S. territory in 1898.

Spain ceded Guam to the U.S.in 1898, but the Japanese seized the island in 1941.

"It's not pleasant and it's not diplomatic, and I would like to think everyone would have a cool head in that situation", he said. One local newspaper, the Guam Daily Post, was even keen on convincing the hoard of visiting journalists to stick around for a "beachside barbecue".

Trump's rhetoric toward North Korea has sparked criticism.